SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which can come in a basic package, that is our once off package, or an advanced package that is a monthly package.

Search Engine Optimization occurs when a person puts in certain keyword into Google and then in return Google uses their algorithm to determine the best search for your result.

This is vital if you would like to rank on Google and is a must for anyone that wishes to gain traffic. Due to the fact that there are millions of people trying to get their businesses to rank for the same thing, the market is highly competitive.

We use well thought of and precise meta descriptions so that Google can crawl your website and easily recognize what kind of website you have. Many companies try to see if they can fool Google into ranking for words that they do not have on your website. These companies often get punished by using “Black Hat” tactics just to get more traffic.

WebsiteLab is all about creating unique content that will rank high on Google by targeting the correct words that are relative to your business.

SEO Package 1
Once off
R125 Per Page
Once Off SEO
Focus Keyword
Title Meta Description
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