Monthly retainer

A monthly retainer can save you and your company a lot of precious time and thousands of Rand’s over the period of your project due to the simplicity that it offers.

A great reason to have a monthly retainer is usually due to budget constraints of having to fork out a large sum of cash when you need to make changes or maintain your website.

With a monthly retainer you pay a set fee at a fraction of the cost of getting charged the usual hourly rate. This can also save you time when you need immediate changes done because you don’t have to make a once off payment and then wait for that payment to reflect, e t c.

We will simply deduct the hours from your monthly retainer and do any work on a adhoc basis or at a set time in the month when you need changes done to your website.

Go ahead and get a monthly retainer customized to the amount of hours that you and your company will need, depending on the size of your company, and we will make sure that we keep your content fresh for your audience.

Custom Retainer
Custom Hours
Custom Hours of design
10% Discount / Hour Included
3 Months Rollover Included