Affiliate referral program


Our affiliate program allows you to earn a once-off fee just for referring someone who successfully takes up our services.

It doesn’t matter if you are an individual trying to earn an additional income part time, or a business that is looking to capitalize on leads that you cant do yourselves.

With one of the most lucrative referral fee’s of 20% per customer spend, you will need to look no further than WebsiteLab.

How does our Affiliate Program work?

    • Currently many web design & IT  companies and individuals are turning down projects because they are either not worth their while or they don’t always offer the particular service that the client is looking for. Well, why turn down a hot lead when you  can earn commission on it?
    • We would like to reward you for your business and are willing to pay you 20% commission for sending a lead through to us, that you would usually turn down.
    • Imagine turning down 20 clients projects a month worth R5000 each. That would mean that you are essentially turning down about R100 000 worth of business, of which you could be earning up to R20 000 commission on!
    • To join our affiliate program, simply complete your personal/company details below and you will automatically be signed up. WebsiteLab reserves the right to decline prospective affiliate partners.
    • From then you just simply send us an e-mail with the clients details that you would like us to contact, and we will do the rest.

How does Affiliate Payments work?

    • You may refer as many clients as you wish, and there is no maximum amount to the commission you can earn.
    • Affiliate partners will receive monthly affiliate commission statements on the 25th of each month to indicate payments received & progress on referred projects.
    • Affiliate commission will be payable monthly basis before the 5th of each new month. Affiliate Referral Exclusions: Affiliate commission is not payable on the following products & services: Shared, VPS & Dedicated Hosting and Domain Registration.

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